You Can Take it With You

While the Oscar winning 1938 film claims “You Can’t Take it With You,” one thing you can take with you on vacation is the toddler tantrum. Over the summer I decided to get a change of scenery and took my kids to visit a friend who lives right outside Washington, D.C. We planned an itinerary of kid-friendly activities including the zoo, the natural history museum and numerous splash parks. Despite our efforts to make this trip all about the kids, they weren’t always amused.

My three and a half year old son wasn’t shy to express his unhappiness about ending whatever activity we were doing when he wasn’t ready for the fun to end. He would tantrum and scream at the top of his lungs, informing anyone within a few mile radius that he was angry.

There were definitely some highlights of the trip that didn’t include tantrums. Having only been fully potty trained the week before our departure, my son was awesome on the four-plus hour car ride and over the entire trip by telling me when he needed to use the restroom. We had zero accidents – even at night.

Also, surprisingly, sleep was better away than at home. My kids went to bed a little later and actually slept later (to 6 or 6.30am!) most mornings.

As soon as we returned home, however, so did 5am wake-ups.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take our better sleep habits with us.


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