School’s Out For Summer

I haven’t been sleeping well the past week. While my teething 17-month old is partially to blame, I also have anxiety about the end of the school year and summer break. My three year old is so busy; I don’t know how I will keep him occupied daily till September, when school resumes. He will be attending a summer program for the month of July, but that is still two weeks away. And then there’s August.

I’m learning it’s not just me who is being affected by the change, however. My son’s behavior on Friday morning, the first day of summer break, definitely reflected his emotions surrounding the end of the school year. While he can’t articulate what he’s feeling, his aggressiveness toward his sister and more-defiant-than-usual conduct spoke volumes.

He really has become attached to school, his teachers and his classmates. After much transitioning, he even started loving the bus and the consistency of 5-day-a-week preschool. Already he is missing his routine.

And I am, too.


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