Resume Builder

The recent media attention to the Pregnancy Pause made me think seriously about having quit my job and what this means for my resume. While most women feel the decision is detrimental to their careers and earnings potential, I am realizing that being a stay-at-home mom is providing me with skills to pursue other occupations if and when I return to the paid workforce.

For example, maintaining my kids’ activities and daily schedules certainly qualifies me as a personal assistant. The varying meal requests and coordination of adult food versus what’s acceptable to my kids surely is affording me practice should I ever work in a restaurant. One career for which I am getting ample experience is that of shepherd.

Going anywhere with my children – even places of their choosing – requires the herculean effort that I imagine is required for herding cattle. Just as I get my daughter’s shoes on my son decides he is going to run in the opposite direction away from the door. So I leave my daughter to go get him and she has unsurprisingly made a dash for the den and the television remote controls. Her shoes may or may not be on her feet. And, of course, both kids are laughing the entire time while I have perspired enough to need another shower, if I managed to get one in the first place.

More often than not, once we are finally in the car, I realize I have forgotten something for myself – shoes, a jacket, water. Yet, the satisfaction of having two kids strapped into their seats is a victory and nothing else matters, for now.

Surely such flexibility, determination and accomplishment are assets that any employer would seek out.


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