Spring Break

This week in our town is spring break. While Cancun and partying are often associated with the customary week off from school, it takes on a whole new connotation when we are discussing it in the context of a toddler. Instead of excitement, there’s fear. Instead of anticipation, there’s anxiety. How am I going to handle my two busy children all day for 5 days?

The addict’s adage “fail to plan, plan to fail” is certainly applicable to parents of young kids. My children aren’t yet able to entertain themselves and rely heavily upon me as a playmate and enabler of their enjoyment. I find being out of the house is often easier for all of us. Being confined indoors leads to claustrophobia and trouble.

Somehow we survived this morning of spontaneity, thanks largely to the good weather. I even managed to put both kids down for a nap at the same time, affording me some time to be productive (clean the kitchen and fold laundry). When they wake I hope to meet up with one of my son’s friends and his mom at the park in town.

While I’ve got activities loosely lined up for the next four days, I’m very aware that even with careful consideration, my kids may disrupt my plans. Let’s face it: I wasn’t planning on croup, fever or three trips to the doctor’s office the first two weeks of being home with my kids. But that happened and it was no “break.”


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