Peanut Profile

A recent post left me wondering, what if there was a dating app for moms? Then yesterday, almost serendipitously, I came across an article about Peanut, an app that basically facilitates mom friendships. It got me wondering about my potential mom profile.

I would highlight my interests in travel, fitness, fashion, reading, but would also stress that I no longer have time to indulge in any of these, aside from perusing the occasional magazine or newspaper article, or anything on my phone that can be read between house work and mothering.

Things I’m passionate about: wine, knowledge and being a mom.

I couldn’t live without: caffeine, wine, vegetables and my children.

Career highlights: being a reporter at one of the biggest media companies in the world and being a mom, even though the latter is the hardest job I’ve ever had and I’m in way over my head.

My perfect day would look something like: Wake up from the sunshine coming through the windows, have breakfast and coffee while watching the news, go for a run, take a shower that lasted longer than 3 minutes, take my kids to the park, barbecue something delicious for dinner to eat with my family while drinking amazing wine, finishing the bottle while watching a movie with my husband and both of us staying awake for it.

I’m not a stranger to online dating (I met my husband on e-Harmony), but I don’t plan to sign up for Peanut just yet. Still, it’s nice to know someone’s already developed what could be a useful tool for moms to make one area of life a little easier.



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