Constant Company

When I became a mom, I was pretty much prepared for the changes my life would undergo. I knew I’d have less time for myself, but what I wasn’t expecting was the audience I’d have anytime I needed to go to the bathroom or take a shower.

My quiet morning coffee while watching the news has been replaced by eating cold toast while trying to tune out repetitive episodes of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, with the occasional diaper change, milk refill and the frequent game of picking up my daughter’s milk cup and cheerios.

Surely, that’s deserving of a few seconds in solitude to run to the bathroom? Not in this house.

If I tell my son I’ll be right back, he says, “I’m coming too.” If I try to sneak away, he follows me, now that he’s able to operate the baby gate and reach the light switch. My daughter might cry, or might get herself into her own mischief of crawling up the stairs or climbing onto a table. It’s almost easier to just take the kids with me in the first place.

And yet, despite the constant company, being at home with the kids all day can get pretty lonely. While being a mom is extremely fulfilling on some levels, it is a stark contrast to the vitality derived from nearly 15 years of leaving an apartment each day to get to a job, which required interaction with an array of bankers, investors as well as writers, editors and media relations people. City dwelling pretty much ensured that you were a part of the buzz below at all times.

As I sit in my office typing, my son’s at school and my daughter is napping. There is silence. I know I should revel in each precious moment, but there’s too much to do before my son returns and my daughter wakes. That reminds me, I better use the loo now.


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