Rising, But Not Shining

In my previous life I lived alone in New York City. I would set my alarm for 4.45am so that I could exercise, have breakfast at home while watching the news and maybe do the laundry before getting to my desk at 8am. Yes, I was certainly a morning person.

It’s one thing to make the choice to wake up early and another thing to be forced out of sleep by a toddler who most mornings at 4.20am screams: “Hello? Mama, you coming?”

I’ve tried ignoring him but he gets louder and then wakes our daughter. I’ve gone into his room to tell him it’s too early to get up and that he must go back to sleep. This approach is often met with violent screams and slamming hands into the wall while shouting “No” and “Stop it!” I’ve sat in the chair in his room to offer comfort to him, but he doesn’t sleep and neither do I. I’ve also climbed in bed with him only to be rolled on top of and hit in the face, hardly relaxing.

My husband and I thought for sure daylight saving time would offer some solace and we’d be victors of an extra hour of sleep in the morning. The first week provided a glimmer of hope when our son successfully went to bed at 7-7.30pm and woke at 5.15-5.30 a few mornings. And while the later bedtime has stuck, the early morning rising has returned, much to our dismay.

The pediatrician has told me any effort on my part to change my son’s sleep is futile because he is set to wake early. I can’t and don’t want to believe this but I feel that he has shown his resolve.

He’s also shown me up and I no longer would call myself a morning person.


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