Snow Day

I recall the excitement I felt as a child when I learned school was canceled due to snow. Fast forward to being a parent and discovering you have an entire day to entertain a three year old and 14-month old in 1800 square feet. Dread and fear are more accurate descriptors of my emotions now.

My son, the three year old, is the busiest person I’ve ever encountered. While it can be exhausting, I appreciate his energy as I also feel the need to be doing something every waking moment. I was not the mom able to nap when either of my babies did. Being stuck indoors also makes me claustrophobic.


So yesterday’s snowstorm in the northeast was a particularly challenging day. Due to the sleet and winds, going outside to play in the snow wasn’t an option either. When noontime rolled around my son, getting fidgety, started asking where we were going. My answer “nowhere” was met with screaming, throwing toys and a lot of hand hitting into the wall.

I imagine with technology and iPhones it’s much easier to get through a snow day as a parent in 2017 than it was in 1980. We also have a dedicated playroom with balls, a kitchen, workbench, tents and every Bruder construction vehicle needed at a fully operational job site. Yet, even with this arsenal of tools it still took a lot of imagination, patience and a sense of humor.

Just as we were reading books before bed – beaming with a sense of accomplishment and relief that we had survived the day – I got a call from the office of the superintendent of schools saying there would be another snow day Wednesday for continued clean up and snow removal in our town.

No way.



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